The Netherlands will completely ban single-use plastic tableware,will takeaways be affected?

The State Secretary of the Netherlands Ministry of Environment announced in a letter to parliament that from 2024, the Netherlands will prohibit citizens from using disposable plastic cups or cutlery when consuming in offices, restaurants or festivals. And plates will become the social norm.


“Every day, in the Netherlands alone, we discard 19 million single-use cups and food packaging. We cannot continue to burden future generations and need to switch to reusable utensils,” the letter states, “leaving a cleaner world.”


It is worth noting that the ban only applies to on-site consumption and will not affect takeaways.


From 2024, washable coffee mugs, glasses and plates will be the norm in restaurants, canteens, event rooms and offices. Medical institutions can be excluded.


The Netherlands will also implement a ban on free takeaway coffee cups and free takeaway packaging next year. From July 2023, for out-of-home consumption and takeaways, citizens will have to pay for single-use plastic cups and meal packaging in addition to the price of coffee or meals.

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Post time: May-09-2022