Global food container market by product, material, regional outlook, COVID-19 impact analysis report and forecast, 2021

The global food container market is expected to reach US$223. It will reach 2 billion by 2027, and will grow at a market growth rate of 6.6% during the forecast period. With the help of food storage containers, the safety and quality of food can be kept intact.
New York, August 31, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – announced the release of the report “By product, material, regional outlook, COVID-19 impact analysis report and forecast, 2021-2027 global food container market”-https :// Household container food storage can extend the shelf life of food, which depends on the type of food, packaging and storage conditions, including temperature and humidity. Now there are many types available Food packaging and containers made of materials. Food storage containers are needed for various reasons. Food storage containers are needed in any industrial kitchen. They come in a variety of colors and materials, as well as round, square and rectangular design sizes. In Fuyu The country has a long history of household food storage containers. The convenience of these containers in carrying, packaging and consumption has become very important to many consumers. Therefore, manufacturers must consider various aspects, such as the changing lives of customers Way. It is expected that during the forecast period, lifestyle changes and busy staff schedules will have a positive impact on industry growth. Soft bags, sacks, cardboard, rigid plastic containers, metal containers and glass bottles are all used as food containers. COVID-19 The global pandemic affecting COVID 19 has damaged people’s lives. Everyone has experienced and still faces some minor or serious financial and health problems. This pandemic has caused severe damage to the world economy. Due to the closure of production units, COVID 19 disrupted the company’s normal operations. Nevertheless, due to the increasing awareness of hygiene requirements in food factories and packaging departments, and the increase in government actions, it has little impact on the food container market. In addition, COVID 19 -19 The pandemic has aroused people’s awareness of the consumption of healthy food. Food containers help to preserve food and keep the quality intact. Due to the pandemic, people realize the importance of eating healthy food. Food containers play an important role in people’s lives. It is vital to eat fresh and nutritious food. Therefore, the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has had a slight positive impact on the food container market. Product Outlook According to the product, the market is segmented into cans, boxes, bottles and Cans, cups and barrels and other products. By gaining the largest market revenue share, the bottle and can product segment has become the dominant market segment in the global market. In the field of rigid food packaging, bottles and cans are the most widely used commodities. Jam, Honey, sauces, cheese, mayonnaise, spices, oils, spreads, syrups, processed vegetables/fruits, fish and meat are packaged in different types of glass and plastic jars and bottles. Divided into plastic, metal, glass and others Materials. According to the American Chemistry Council, it takes only two pounds of plastic resin to pack a 10-gallon beverage. To supply the same amount of beverage, 8 pounds of steel, 3 pounds of aluminum and nearly 4 pounds are required. 0 pounds of glass. Plastic containers are made of a variety of plastic resins, including HDPE, LDPE, PET, PP, and polystyrene. The regional outlook is based on regions, and the market is segmented into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Latin America, the Middle East, and Africa. North America will show a steady growth rate. The increase in demand for packaged foods and convenience foods by the working population is related to this growth. In addition, the growing demand for canned foods (such as canned fish and meat) in the United States is driving market expansion in the region. The main strategy followed by market participants is product launch. Based on the analysis in the Cardinal matrix; Amcor PLC, Silgan Holdings, Inc. and Berry Global Group, Inc. are pioneers in the food container market. Companies such as Altium Packaging LLC and Novolex Holdings, Inc. are some of the major innovators in the market. The market research report covers the analysis of the main stakeholders in the market. The major companies mentioned in the report include Amcor PLC, Berry Global Group, Inc., Silgan Holdings, Inc., Plastipak Holdings, Inc., Ball Corporation, Novolex Holdings, Inc., Ardagh Group SA, Sonoco Products Company, Weener Plastics Group The latest strategy deployed by BV and Tetra Laval International SAR in the food container market partnership, cooperation and agreement: June 2021: Ardagh and Ogeu cooperate to invest in a beverage can filling line. The filling line will enable Ogeu to include 15cl slim, 33cl slim and standard, 25cl slim and 50cl standard, which can form a combination of its beverage choices, such as non-alcoholic, foaming, alcoholic, still and wine beverages. Mar-2021: Ardagh Group North America and Bragg Live Food Products established a partnership. This collaboration aims to produce a glass bottle design that reflects the company’s core values, which is to protect Prague’s tradition of making top natural products. December 2020: Amcor and Mars Food, a US multinational manufacturer of confectionery, pet food, and other food products, collaborates on food products. Under this partnership, Mars Foods will introduce the first food-safe, single-material microwaveable rice bag to the market. Exclusive packaging technology will make the bags of Mars Food’s family brands (such as Ben’s Original and Seeds of Change) recyclable under the prevalence of infrastructure. September 2020: Berry Global partnered with Bhoomi, a leading exporter, manufacturer and supplier of plastic products. This cooperation aims to launch 100% HDPE bottles based on sugar cane. June 2020: Ardagh Group North America and Stanpac established a partnership. The partnership aims to provide glass baby bottles to meet the surge in demand during the coronavirus pandemic. Acquisitions and mergers: May 2021: Novolex signs an agreement to acquire Flexo Converters. The acquisition aims to expand Novolex’s product portfolio and enable Duro to support customer needs through Flexo’s production capabilities. Due to the shift in consumer purchase patterns, Novolex has witnessed a substantial increase in the demand for paper bags. November 2020: Tetra Pak acquired the eBeam equipment development and manufacturing business from Comet AG. The acquisition aims to enhance Comet’s development and manufacturing capabilities and Tetra Pak’s eBeam food packaging development and application engineering. It will also improve the company’s ability to provide customers with sustainable and effective filling lines. August 2020: Sonoco takes over Can Packaging, a private designer and manufacturer of sustainable paper packaging and related manufacturing equipment. The acquisition aims to provide a number of latest innovations, including patented technology for manufacturing recyclable, high-performance all-paper packaging, which can be made into a circle, oval, rectangle, square, oval or triangle. Such innovations will complement the company’s global cardboard container franchise and increase the EnviroSense sustainable packaging product portfolio. August 2020: Ball Corporation acquired Tubex Industria E Comercio de Embalagens Ltda., an impact extrusion aluminum aerosol packaging business. Through this acquisition, Tubex will become part of Ball’s aluminum aerosol packaging division and complement Ball’s global aluminum aerosol and warhead business in Europe, America and India. Product launch and product expansion: May 2021: Berry Superfos, a business unit Berry Global, launched a new sustainable CombiLight pot for food manufacturers. Compared with similar solutions, this latest resource-saving food packaging solution will help reduce plastic content by 60%. The new CombiLight pot is designed for lightweight packaging, made with less fossil materials, and combined with a plastic structure and coated natural fibers. November 2020: Sonoco ThermoSafe, a division of Sonoco, launched its new EOS series fully roadside recyclable temperature-controlled packaging in USSep-2020: Amcor launched the world’s first recyclable flexible cooking bag. This product uses Amcor’s AmLite HeatFlex Recyclable solution, which may be used in a wide range of distillation applications. Through these applications, products with a long shelf life require high-barrier, high-heat-resistant packaging. May 2020: Novolex introduces new non-fluorinated, oil-proof packaging and flip-top caps. The launch of Bagcraft and Burrows Packaging includes a variety of products, such as potato chip bags, sandwich bags, bread bags, sandwich bags, deli bags and micro-flute clam shells. These latest non-fluorinated products provide performance quality comparable to oil-repellent products developed using traditional materials. The market segments covered in the research scope report: By product • Cans • Boxes • Bottles and cans • Cups and bathtubs • Other products by material • Plastics • Metals • Glass • Other geographic materials • North America, the United States, Canada, Mexico, and other parts of North America • Europe Germany, United Kingdom, France, Russia, Spain, Italy, rest of Europe • Asia Pacific, China, Japan, India, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, other regions of Asia Pacific • LAMEAo Brazil, Argentina, UAE, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Nigeria, LAMEA Others Company Profile• Amcor PLC• Berry Global Group, Inc.• Silgan Holdings, Inc.• Plastipak Holdings, Inc.• Ball Corporation• Novolex Holdings, Inc.• Ardagh Group SA• Sonoco Products Company• Weener Plastics Group BV• Tetra Unique products of Falfa International SA • Detailed coverage • The most market tables and data • Available subscription models • Guaranteed best prices • Guaranteed after-sales research support, free 10% customization Read the full report: https:/ / Reportlinker ReportLinker is an award-winning market research solution. 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