Finnair launches new inflight dining options focused on sustainable development

Finnair has updated its inflight food menu to provide customers with more choices, flexibility and sustainable choices.
The new menu aims to reduce waste and weight on Finnair flights, in line with its ambition to be carbon neutral by 2045. The Finnish flagship airline introduced wooden birch cutlery and paper cups, and flights returning from long-distance destinations will use locally made meals.
Business class passengers on intercontinental flights will receive a small portion of hors d’oeuvres and appetizers, followed by the main meal, dessert and cheese. They also have three main dishes to choose from-Benella rainbow trout, Japanese-style chicken dishes or Indian-style plant-based dishes-followed by a lighter second course, snacks and snacks-as well as drinks and wine choose.
Long-haul business class passengers can also choose oat milk as the airline’s new dairy-free alternative.
Passengers flying in business class on European flights can enjoy sandwiches, fresh cold meals and breads, or a three-course Nordic meal, as well as selected beverages.
At the same time, economy class passengers on intercontinental flights will receive a package and a complimentary glass of wine or beer. Passengers with dietary requirements are advised to notify the airline before departure to ensure that alternative free meals are provided.
Passengers flying in economy class on European flights will receive a glass of Finnair’s famous blueberry juice, brand-new birch tableware and paper cups that will be served randomly.
Maarit Keränen, Head of Food and Beverage Concepts, Finnair said: “We are very happy to be able to present our updated in-flight menu and we have found that the little changes in Japanese cuisine complement the Scandinavian flavors.
“Sustainability is our focus, which is why we are also introducing wooden tableware on ships and simplifying our services to reduce the amount of waste on ships.
“We have halved the amount of food waste in catering/kitchen operations and set a new goal for ourselves to reduce food waste by another 30%.”
Oneworld member airlines will achieve their goals by modernizing their fleets, advancing the use of SAF and carbon offsets.
JetBlue has established a new partnership with World Energy to use sustainable aviation fuel at Los Angeles International Airport.
SWISS launched a new experiment to provide customers with unsold food on board at low prices to minimize waste.
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Post time: Oct-29-2021