According to analysis, by 2024, plastic containers will outperform all other fresh produce packaging types

New analysis by the Freedonia Group predicts U.S. demand for plastic containers in fresh produce applications.
Cleveland, Ohio — A new analysis by the Freedonia Group predicts that by 2024, the U.S. demand for plastic containers for fresh produce applications will grow by 5% annually, surpassing all other commonly used types of packaging for agricultural products:
Little Caesars stated that the newly created role will lead the supply chain function to support the continued expansion of the brand.
The request is in response to President Biden’s executive order to support a resilient, diversified, and secure supply chain.
The U.S. Department of Agriculture stated that it is working to strengthen the competitiveness of the United States, focusing on farmers, ranchers, producers, food processors, and other important links in the food supply chain. The U.S. Department of Agriculture says it is helping to accelerate the transformation of the country’s food system. It said that the goal of this transition is to include a fairer, more competitive and transparent system in which a greater share of food dollars flows to those who grow, harvest and prepare our food, as well as a promotion And systems that strengthen overall health and well-being. People, land, water and economy. The US Department of Agriculture stated that the increasing integration of food and agriculture, the overall health of the population, the growing climate crisis, and the need to ensure racial justice and equity are important factors to consider when considering strengthening the food and agricultural supply chain.
The allergy advocacy organization FARE commented on the signing of the bill, which requires the labeling of sesame seeds on all packaged foods and gives higher priority to food allergy research.
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GrubMarket’s acquisition of Jana Food to expand Dallas’ acquisition of Jana Food, which specializes in halal and ethnic food, marks the third acquisition of food technology startup GrubMarket in Texas in five months.
SeeOne webinars. Two upcoming food industry webinars will cover the food safety challenges of plant-based foods, while the other will deal with how food companies can get rid of COVID-19.
The USDA invests in research and innovation to improve soil health, etc. The USDA will invest at least USD 21.7 million in several projects.
Urban Farmer appointed Steve Jungmann CEO John Keigher to continue as the chief operating officer of the plant-based food company.

Post time: Aug-30-2021