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Promising comment: “I usually don’t comment on products, but for this, I absolutely must do it. I have 3c hair and have a lot of breakage, hard-to-care and dampness. When my mother mentioned it to me When I came to this product, I didn’t take her seriously because we have two completely different hair textures. I never thought that this brand would work on my hair…I’m in my 22 I have never felt that my hair is like this in years. I think my hair is completely different. This product is amazing and I will always use this product in my hair care.”-Teresa Hayley
Promising comment: “I am embarrassed to show how disgusting my toilet is, but it is worth helping anyone who suffers like me. We built our house and lived in it for 33 years. We dug The water in a well is beautiful until the air hits it. Copper, iron and lime are all too high, and the chart is not even that high. We spent thousands of dollars to buy a huge filter that filters all the wells coming in from the house . My toilet is disgusting to me, although it is clean (as clean as possible). This pumice-HOLY MOLY-my toilet is very clean!!! I was very surprised. It took about 30 minutes “each one.The stain disappeared.They are gone!!!!!!”——Libby Nance
Promising comment: “So, we have a cat toilet. We don’t use it, we don’t watch it, and we like to pretend that it doesn’t exist. Even with semi-regular flushing, cat feces are annoying”-Whitney
Promising comment: “I bought this RMR spray, but the expectations are very low, even if the comment is good. I sprayed a small piece in the evening and let it sit overnight. The next morning, I sprayed the grout It was as white and brand new as it was. I decided to spray the whole wall and part of the roof. The next day I sprayed everything without visible mold. By the third night, I sprayed almost everything left in the shower room. This thing is great.” —John Warner
The kit comes with a bottle of detergent, a cleaning pad and a heavy-duty scraper, all of which are designed to break down burnt food and stubborn stains.
Promising comment: “This is awesome! I haven’t scrubbed my glass cooktops thoroughly for years-I just wiped them with random multifunctional cleaners, but it never seemed to work. Then a friend recommended With this product-great! The included scrubber and scraper are really important. As others have said, it will refresh your cooktop-even the traces that have been there for many years are almost completely gone : Good 98%.”-B.Swartwood
This is the truth.My roommate is the best, but we can only say that cleaning the stove after cooking is not one of her favorite activities.I don’t particularly like cooking, so I think we are flat.Anyway, I spray it several times a week, let it sit for about five minutes, and then wipe it with a cloth, it will remove everything.It’s like, with just one wipe, every piece of caked grease and burnt crumbs will fall off.
Promising comment: “Oh my God, why did I never know it exists? This cleaner is simply a miracle! My back seat bench has been stained with mysterious stains for at least ten years. These stains are caused by small Children caused all kinds of passengers, cargo, who knows. I tried every way to remove the hazy, dirty stains on my charcoal-colored seat, but it didn’t help. Hot water and soap, alcohol-based wipes, carpet cleaner, Fabric cleaner-literally everything plus a lot of elbow grease. I became frustrated and quit my job because my car will always look like a junkyard. Then I started doing some research and discovered this cleaner. Many The reviews say this is the best thing ever, the car website named it their top choice etc. I decided it was worth the last try, boy, I’m so glad I did it! It took four to five sprays, some slight Stir and rub with a wide brush, wipe with the supplied cloth, whaddaya know?? Puff! The stain is gone! I can’t believe how easy it is, how painless, I will clean all my car seats tomorrow ! I highly recommend this, it is a bomb.”-Manddun
Promising comment: “I have two dogs-a mixed terrier and a mixed short-haired dachshund. I have a navy woven sofa that likes my dachshund fur. I tried almost every method to remove the fur-traditional lint Rollers, those blue plush rollers, special vacuum accessories, etc. All these options are suitable for the fur of the terrier. The fur of the dachshund, like the dachshund itself, stubbornly stays on my sofa. I leave this The product was bought as a new product, let’s see if it’s a work of the month with low expectations. The fur has really come out. It’s like a broom sweeping my sofa-basically take the fur (with some elbows) Grease) sweep it to the floor and I vacuum it up! Try this, if my story sounds similar to yours!” —JT
Promising comment: “After using this product, I am happy to report that my $5 investment has saved me more than $500. I am going to replace the dishwasher because the glass is super turbid, there are residues, and there is no Cleaned up. Then I saw Affresh’s product test reviews in Good Housekeeping magazine. Anyway, I ordered something from Amazon, so I added it to my order. I didn’t expect the result I got! I think it is permanently etched And the broken glassware is like new. The tableware is the same. The difference is incredible. I’m surprised!-Sheila
Promising comment: “These babies have changed and changed my lazy life. My dog ​​sitter thought I had bought a new sink and refrigerator. I have never had anything more interesting than cleaning in my life-wait, I have never enjoyed cleaning. But these magical creatures make it so satisfying. There are no toxic substances. No smoke. Only heavenly cleanliness.”-Jimmy Jim Elinor
Promising comment: “This is a miracle in a bottle. My German Shepherd combination decided to take a black pen from my purse and chew it on my beige carpet while I was sleeping-this cleanser The stain was removed, and now it’s like the damage caused by my dog ​​has never happened! As soon as I saw it lift up the ink, I went back to Amazon to buy more bottles. I would never let myself run out of this. I’m in I use it in my Bissell carpet cleaner for some crazy cleaning power. I became the weird lady singing the praises of cleaning products everywhere. No regrets.” -L.Logan
Promising comment: “I don’t know how I survived without this. There are tons of’pet stain/odor remover’ products out there, but this is definitely by far the best. When others do At that time, I didn’t dare to pay between US$20 and US$10 for it, but I don’t have any problems paying now. I have dogs, some puppies, some older ones, and some have no broken houses. Every room in my house except The kitchen is carpeted, which means I have a lot of accidents. I sprayed it if I had a lot of urine, soak it, soak it for 10 minutes, and then wipe it off with a towel. Then if it’s a place with a lot of people, I put a large strip on it. A little towel until it is completely dry. Remove all the stains, and more importantly, no odor! I will never stop buying this product. I recommend it to all dog owners!”-Shirley
Promising comment: “This is my favorite curling system, 3a–3c, medium coarse, very dry hair. This mousse makes my hair soft and bouncy, and it keeps frizz very well. My hair It doesn’t become dry and frizzy just like before. It can be reactivated easily with the curl hair freshening spray, and my curls can last for several days.”-Shaniaz
Here’s an excerpt: “I still don’t know how a $7 tube of concealer (I use Neutralizer concealer) beats the more expensive concealer I tuck into my dressing table, but it does. It’s not too creamy or too creamy. Thick, but it still provides solid coverage without the feeling of cake.
“When I finished my entire procedure, my eyes looked brighter and brighter, but not completely obvious-even when the photo was taken and the flash was turned on. Basically what I’m talking about here is that this is a major My beauty products should have a place in every cosmetic bag!” —Kayla Suazo (BuzzFeed shopping and product editor)
Promising comment: “I have been embarrassed by eye bags for many years, but there are two preschoolers at home who are stressed and have mild insomnia. I don’t see the way out. It’s like a little miracle tube. I use it before going to bed. I use it in the morning. I use it without washing my face. I have bruises under my eyes to return to normal. I no longer feel the need to use concealer under my eyes on a regular basis. I highly recommend it!”-Amber J.
Promising comment: “I am surprised how much I like it. I have been looking for concealer for a long time. My skin is very dry and a lot of concealer makes the skin under my eyes look creepy and has adapted to me Fine lines. I haven’t done any of the few I’ve tried! I use as few products as possible to cover my dark circles and everything is fine so far!”-Liz
This helps to eliminate things like shower doors, shower booths, shower glass, windshields, windows, glass, barbecue, chrome, tiles, toilets, granite, steel, fiberglass, swimming pools, bathtubs, sinks, granite, marble, chrome, Boats, cars, brass, stone, metal, porcelain, brass, aluminum, stainless steel, hard vinyl and more!
Promising comment: “When we moved into our new place, the shower door looked like it had never been cleaned before. I tried at least 10 different products and methods to remove hard water spots, but nothing worked. However, Bio Clean is like a magical eraser! I wiped each door for about 10 minutes, which is incredible! I have never written a cleaning product review before, but this time it is worth every penny.” — Shane B
Promising review: “This conditioner is easy to apply and fragrance-free. I have used it on cutting boards and spoons and they look great. A little bit goes a long way!”-MC
Promising review: “I hardly left a review, but I had to leave a review for this product. I just received it yesterday and applied last night, this morning it was like I had a brand new bathroom. I was embarrassed to show The’before’ and’after’ photos are too annoying, no matter how hard we scrub the mold, it will not disappear. I almost cried when I saw my bathroom this morning. Don’t hesitate, buy this now, you won’t regret it Of it.”-Bianca Green
Promising comment: “I can’t say much about this product. We just bought a well and the water has a high iron content. I tried every means to remove the stains on our three toilets, but nothing The effect. I found this product online and went to Amazon immediately. The results surprised me. I didn’t need to scrub at all. I left it in the water tank for a few hours and it shocked me!”-Turtle
Promising comment: “I can’t believe how effective it is! I use a moisturizer every night and stick to it for a week. I have seen remarkable results and can smooth the cystic acne scars on my cheeks! It was so excited that I found something that would not break my acne-prone, eczema-prone, and highly sensitive skin.”-Emily H
Promising review: “After applying, my scalp feels refreshed. I put the mask on all night and when I rinsed off the next morning, my scalp felt refreshed and clean. I actually think this product also helps to lengthen My curly hair. Hair looks very hydrated! I plan to use it once every two weeks.” — Liming M.
Promising comment: “Like this thing. I was skeptical at first. I am a huge bacterial phobia, which is enough for me to take a jet shower in my new place!”-Ann
Promising comment: “My natural nails are terrible! They are thin and brittle, easy to crack, peel and break. Therefore, I wear acrylic nails for a few years until I am tired of leaving so much money on my nails Salon. When I soaked acrylic resin, my nails were of course worse than ever, and nothing I tried seemed to be able to restore them to their original state until I found Hard as Hoof Nail Enhancement Cream. I rubbed it onto my cuticle, and then several times a day on the nail bed. After two months, my nails became harder and thicker without breaking or splitting. My nails grew for the first time since I removed the acrylic resin. To your fingertips. This cream is a hand cream. I just ordered my second jar and I will never live without it again.” -M.Hill
For best results, you should apply cream after washing your hands, after showering, and before going to bed.
Promising comment: “Every winter, my fingers and knuckles rupture and bleed. I tried all the methods on the market to heal my hands. I received this hand cream yesterday and when I put it on , I knew right away that it was “better than anything I have tried.”This thing immediately started to work.I filled all the wounds and cracks on my hands with this cream and they almost healed today.I believe this is the best hand cream on earth.”——Steve
The kit comes with two bottles of Grout-Eez and a scrubber that can be connected to a standard mop or broomstick.
Promising comment: “This is an excellent product. Since most of our floors are tiled, I have tried several grout cleaners in the past 15 years. This product surpasses all products. In fact. , Nothing can work so quickly. The three best features include (1) the bottle and the description on the product are very clear, I followed them to a tee, (2) the included perfect brush fits perfectly My grout line is easily attached to an existing handle and (3) how easy it is to remove the soil from the grout. I recommend using it around a tile first, then absolutely wait for 10 minutes, and then swing in the grout line Brush. The soil will appear soon.” —Karen
Promising comment: “I bought this in my Ipsy glam bag a few years ago and was angry when I ran out. I saw this randomly the other day and remember how much I liked it before. This product is great Now! My hair feels like real silk! After using it, it feels soft and smooth. I have used many other expensive ones. Nothing is better than this one! Highly recommended!”-Melissa C
Promising comment: “The best and most affordable brush and sponge shampoo on the market! No kidding, I have tried everything; even a homemade hack, such as a dishwashing liquid mixed with olive oil. Nothing beats this Brush shampoo is more effective. Don’t waste money on big brands such as Beauty Blender soap.”-Lily
Promising comment: “This little brush is awesome! I’m not sure if it is suitable for my emerald engagement ring, because it mainly advertises diamonds, but I think I will try it. I have been wearing the ring since October The engagement started. Although I cleaned it at the jeweler in April, it did not look as bright as when it was new. I thought it was always a bit cloudy. But after cleaning it with Dazzle Stik, I was shocked by the difference. -It looks as bright and shiny as when I first got it! I am glad I did not buy an ultrasonic cleaner because it is much cheaper”-KFray
Promising comment: “Unfortunately, like many people, I suffer from bad breath and tried many ways to stop it. I read that sometimes it is the bacteria on the tongue that cause it, so I tried to brush my tongue crazy Of course, we all know how it ended-vomiting, watery eyes, and it still looks like a rough film on your tongue. I finally decided that maybe it’s time to buy a tongue cleaner, it must It is made of stainless steel because they are easier to clean and disinfect. This product is really easy to use and I can return to my tongue without activating my vomiting reflex. Also, it doesn’t feel like brushing with a toothbrush. This product is really easy to use. The cleanser just slid across my tongue, taking away all the nasty bacteria and bad breath. I like my fresh breath and the support of confidence!”-Jordan Lauren
Promising comment: “My hair is thin and curly. The tips of my hair are damaged by heat and dyeing, which makes my hair look more irregular. I do oily care once a week and only wash my hair two to three times a week. But nothing” makes my hair feel like this product.As long as this product touches my hair, it will change instantly.It makes my hair feel silky smooth, even after I rinse and dry my hair.”——Melissa
Promising comment: “Oh my God, these should be everyone’s standard problems. I bought them all, cheap foot files, expensive ones, Ped Egg, and even foot files from direct nail packaging companies. These are not much better than this. One. I thought I would be reduced to high heels forever; no more! Only one use of my high heels would be great! The calluses removed from this incident are absolutely disgusting, but I can’t be happier. You won’t be disappointed!!!”— —JMart
Promising comment: “For whatever reason, I always spill things on my shirt. I cook every night (sometimes I remember the apron, sometimes I don’t remember). My clothes are at the end of the day It’s a mess. I’m not proud of it, but that’s it. I have tried all the methods to remove stains and this is definitely the best method. (There is no major stain remover that I haven’t tried.) The only thing that comes close is Long pre-soaking in Oxyclean (I mean six hours). With Puracy, you can get the best results by doing this in advance, but for me, this is another advantage because I Would rather spray them while putting them in” is harder than doing this one at a time before I wash the clothes.It seems to wash everything off, and I have never had a problem of damaging the fabric.I really don’t comment much, but this is excellent.”——Buyer from New York
Promising comment: “It’s just like an iron in a bottle. It’s great. This morning my shirt was folded and creased, but I didn’t have time to change clothes, so I just sprayed a spray on the shirt and then Shake it off. When I was wearing it, the crease disappeared. I can’t express how much I like this! I sprayed it on my shirt, shook it a few times, and hung them up, they were completely wrinkle-free, It smells like everything was just taken out of the laundry room, which is also a plus.” —Kayla
Promising comment: “I am a natural hair girl! I often try to find a product to help me manage and keep my hair safe for the next styling. Although I wear a protective style, the time in between is really important , So this mask is a savior. I love seeing the moisture in my natural curly hair, and I think this product has given them the love they truly deserve! This product has helped me redefine my hair experience. Love it!”-Ah Shiri Jennings
Promising comment: “Like it very much, I immediately bought the second one! Perfect for round pans, 9×13 cake pans, heavier pans, jelly roll pans, clumsy collapsible colanders, cutting boards, Whatever you want. Non-slip feet are a big plus.”-Organization Freak/Amateur Chef
Promising comment: “Love it, love it, love it!!! You really look like you are wearing false eyelashes. This mascara is amazing! It is not thick or clumpy, and it glides smoothly and accurately . Do you think you have a makeup artist for your eyes!!! It lasts all day-no touch ups, no smears, no clumps. I remove them with soap and warm water. I am 500% completely happy and satisfied!”- very satisfied!!
Promising comment: “I was pleasantly surprised at how far these went. I used a pen to finish the entire floor of my main master bathroom plus a little shower. It is very forgiving, you have quite a bit before it dries out The work time is complete. This is not a quick task, but it is faster than I thought. I am worried that white will look too bright, but it just makes everything look cleaner. Very satisfied with this product!”-Jenny you
Promising comment: “I have a lot of broken and super fine hair. No matter how I stand my hair up, my hair is terrible. This thing is great! It’s so simple, it’s easier to hold than stiff hairspray, see It looks smoother.”-Gil Steffield

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